A Comedy Queen with a potty mouth

Joan RiversCall me crazy, but I just got back from seeing Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work and I really liked it! I mean, she was hilarious on Celebrity Apprentice, and this documentary got a good write up in the LA Times, but other than that I never knew how profound her 40 year comedy career was. The woman is 76 for god’s sake! Behind all of the plastic surgery, she really seems like a nice person, lives a lavish life but gives back, is on the go 24/7 (literally), is insecure like more actors seem to be and is ridiculously funny. I’m no Ebert and Roeper but I give it 2 thumbs up if you’re in the mood for something different.

The clincher is that I just googled her and she’s coming to LA in July 22-24th at Catalina’s Bar and Grill in Hollywood, 8 pm. Who’s in?



  1. Madge Woods says:

    I heard it was fabulous. She is amazing.

  2. CJ Tropp says:

    You should watch her show “How’d You Get So Rich?” on TV Land!

  3. my friend’s boyfriend made the film. i’m going to see it next week. joan rivers is performing tonight in gramercy park. i’m trying to find tickets.

  4. I’m in Lauren. I love Joan. 🙂 Jodie

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