Guacamole Hummus (say what???)

I saw this at Trader Joe’s today and had to do a double take. Guac and Hummus, 2 of my fav things??? No way.

So in the cart it went with some multi-grain chips until I got home to dig in.

a) Refreshing

b) A really nice of blend of half chick-peas and half guacamole

c) Not too heavy, and for all those weight watcher counters, for a few dips is only 1 point

d) check out the price for 12 oz…PAAAALEASE

Now we all know that when you buy some guac at the store and put it in the fridge, because you couldn’t possibly eat it all yourself, it turns brown and disgusting after 2 minutes. This doesn’t, and can last weeks because of the hummus mixture! It definitely had a kick to it, which was unexpected, and would be great on wraps and sandwiches and also a good snack for the kiddos with some veggies.


  1. David Ravitz says:

    you go girl

  2. Allegra says:

    I was there yesterday and didn’t see this. Thanks for the headsup:) Plus, when you buy Trader Joe’s guac, you get too packets and unless you want that much guac, it’s just, well, too much!

    Great blog by the way:)!

  3. Allegra says:

    um make that TWO packets:)

  4. Already had this in my refrigerator. Fabulous.

  5. sounds delish! can’t wait to try it!

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