My Fake Green Thumb

I have been wanting to grow some herbs for the longest time. Ever since we went to David’s aunt and uncle’s house in Malibu I was so jealous they were growing lettuce, strawberries, celery, herbs, you name it-they had it.  I cook at least 3 times a week and when I go to the store and only need a tablespoon of fresh basil or thyme, I have to buy the whole packet and it just goes to waste in my fridge and I feel guilty for not using it all.

So off I went today to Osh to see what they had in their garden section. I wasn’t sure what I wanted; did I want a trough to plant select herbs? Did I want just a few to put in a pot? But then I saw this: A potpourri of herbs all-in-one for $16.99! The guy in the garden department said if I really take care of it (what does that mean?) then it could last me 6 months to a year! So this is my new side project and I can’t wait to enjoy it in all of my meals. Here is what I have to choose from:



  1. Careful–the mint will eventually take over the whole thing….best wishes. It’ll be great!

  2. I have an old bathtub in my backyard where right now I have lettuce, tomatoes, and strawberries. It is simple and easy. My sister hired someone to put in raised beds in her backyard. They do everything and you care for it. If you want their number email me.

  3. Elaine Diamond says:

    Mike gave me a similar planter for Mothers’ Day — though I didn’t really know what was in it, so I appreciate your photos! The planter takes a lot of water, but otherwise, it’s doing fine.

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