Say cheese!

For most of you who know me, then you know I love cheese.  So when I saw and read about a mozzarella bar opening at Century City Mall, my interest was certainly peaked. I had been to Mozzarella Monday’s at Jar years ago and have had the mozzarella bar at Osteria Mozza, but an entire restaurant devoted to mozzarella seems right up my alley! So I started doing some digging and this is what I found:

Obika next to Anat B and Borders at Century City Mall (photo credit: EaterLA)

Silvio Ursini, founder of Obika, which means “here it is” in the Neapolitan dialect—developed the concept of a “mozzarella bar” by applying the ingredient-centered approach of a sushi bar to the Italian ingredient of buffalo mozzarella. With 13 locations, the first of which in Rome, this is what you get when you cross mozzarella with sushi bar style.

Their menu menu  features panini sandwiches, salads, pastas, pastries, coffees and fresh-squeezed juices. Reviews say it’s the place to sample different mozzarella’s, paired with salmon, salami, prosciutto and green tomato marmalade. And supposedly they don’t mess around as they have their fresh mozzarella flown in 3 times a week from the Mother Country.

Supposedly Obika is set to open in September and then another location at the Beverly Center in November.  I will certainly be there to try it opening week. Who’s in?



  1. Interesting. I will probably try it. Josh for sure will be a NO!

  2. I’m in. I am a cheeseaholic too!

  3. Tracy Mathalon says:

    how cool! We keep having more and more in common. I am a total cheese lover…you should try the cheese and wine tastings that are hosted by the bh cheese store. ill email it to you. they are fun!


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