Rent at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend

Rent is playing at The Hollywood Bowl this weekend Aug 6-8th, directed by Neil Patrick Harris and I’m going!!! Sunday night baby… I can’t wait. Vanessa Hudgens will play Mimi, Nicole Scherzinger will play Maureen, Aaron Tviit (Tripp from Gossip Girl) will play Rodger and Wayne Brady will play Tom Collins.

My step-brother CJ, a theater lover like me, just sent me this link to get amped up about the show with some cast interviews and rehearsals to watch and I literally had chills watching it. CHECK IT OUT! It just reminds me how amazing this show is, the power of the lyrics, the feeling you get when you hear the music, the characters and all that the show represents. With the LA  Philharmonic and an additional 10 cast members, how can seeing this show in the open air venue of The Bowl disappoint? IT CAN’T!

Rent basically won every best musical award, including the Tony Award, as well as a Pulitzer for drama. It was the 7th longest running show on Broadway and grossed over $280 million during it’s run. This is Neil’s directorial debut of a musical and I think he is perfect since he originated the role of Mark Cohen in the LA production and it’s 2nd National Tour.

If you want to see if there are any tickets left, try to see if you can go!


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