Bite Bar & Bakery…

Tonight, after a fun low key bbq we met our friend Jason and his daughter Maya for a quick bite to eat. I have always wanted to try Bite Bar & Bakery after my friend Madge told me about it. Just haven’t had the time. I went online to do a bit of research. It’s a seasonal and market-driven restaurant owned & run by Chef Elizabeth Goel, who studied at the French Culinary Institute in NY, was a caterer and appeared on a Food Network Challenge which she almost won.

I found out that it’s only open for dinner on Friday and Saturday night’s with a tapas like menu. With a variety of small plates for dinner and sandwiches and salads for lunch, this seemed to be up my alley. When I saw the menu online, I immediately knew there were a few things I would most definitely order. These included:

Creamy mac’n cheese with a crunchy parmesan crisp in a mini cast iron pot

Jumbo lump crab cakes with chipotle honey corn mashed potatoes & remoulade

We ordered several bites such as the mahi fish tacos, artichoke beignets (didn’t love-but the sauce was good), edamame and sugar snap pea salad, mini Kobe applewood bacon cheeseburgers and the crostini with roasted beets, homemade lemon ricotta and arugula. I would definitely come back here without kids, and supposedly the brunch and lunch are supposed to be delish! The atmosphere was cozy and casual, nice wine list and they are revamping the bakery department which is a MUST in my book. We did have a lemon square it was actually really good.

Bite Bar on Pico just West of Bundy



  1. Love this place and all the food. Next time try the chicken and polenta tapas’s -the best.

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