Fresh Corn Grill is spreading the love

For those of you Westsiders who have discovered the awesome little hidden gem known at Fresh Corn Grill, others will now get to enjoy the deliciousness after we have worked so hard over the years to drive around Westwood Blvd to find parking just to squeeze into the 10+ tables they have. But after you scarf down all the great food, and walk away without spending a fortune, you feel it was all worth it.

A second location is under construction in West Hollywood  on the corner of Santa Monica and Westbourne scheduled to open around November. And just so you know the food is legit, the chef/owner Jason used to work at The Ivy hence the corn chowder and the grilled salad.

Photo Credit: Tatiana Arbogast

Our favorite things to order are: corn chowder, grilled salmon with the lime and herbs sauce and the buttery carrots and of course their fresh corn salad (with chicken or shrimp). But honestly, everything is so yummy and healthy from the pizza to their tostada salad. Seating is tight but pick up is just as good. Catering is supposed to be awesome and we’re going to do it for Nathan’s birthday.

I’m secretly upset they are moving on from Westwood and expanding…but that’s just me being selfish.



  1. Rachael Lawrence says:


  2. haha, was just there yesterday with Gabi- had my fave, corn salad with salmon. good for them for expanding. but they’re not moving from westwood?

  3. Elaine Diamond says:

    We also love this place (and first discovered it at a Temple Isaiah function that they catered!). Sure hope the Westwood spot isn’t moving…

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