We found our way to The Foundry…finally

When we made plans to have dinner with our friends Lauren and Danny (as he wants to be called the Reverend Danny), since they live in Laurel Canyon and we live on the Westside, I knew this was perfect opportunity to trick David into driving East of Beverly Hills, out of his comfort zone. So I made a res at The Foundry on Melrose, for many reasons, but mainly due to the fact that I love watching  The Best Thing I Ever Ate and Adam Gertler said The Foundry has the best grilled cheese with short rib. SOLD!

So we get the restaurant first, off course, Danny and Lauren are ALWAYS late, and I scope it out, and decide we need to sit on the patio. Never you mind they gave us the worst table in the house, but I didn’t think I could pull out the “I’m going to blog about you” card, so we just took it and gave them a fake ‘screw you’ smile. But moving on, the food was so yummy, a 9 out of 10 for me. We started with 4 appetizers our favorites being:  the tots dipped either in a blue cheese fondue or violet mustard, a crab and spinach dip and of course the grilled cheese on raisin bread with an apricot-caper puree and of course adding the short ribs. OMG! See photos for yourself.


Crab and Spinach dip with toast points

Grilled Cheese with Short Ribs

We enjoyed a lovely meal, great company and conversation and delicious entree’s: Roasted Salmon, Tea Poached Yellowtail, Cheeseburger over Hawaiian Bread and the Mustard Glazed Brisket. I think it’s also important to note that on Sunday nights, they offer three tasting menus—two courses for $29, three for $39 or four for $49 with $2 beers and free live music (Latin/Salsa, blues, “eclectic” or singer/songwriters) in the bar.

At the end of the meal, after our two desserts, we had a chance to talk to chef Eric Greenspan (formerly of Patina, Meson G and has been in Iron Chef) who told us that he took over lease next door and is planning to open the most brilliant conception: Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese & Egg Cream.  Since their grilled cheese has been such a big hit, it will be 10-12 different kinds of grilled cheese,  old-school seltzer drinks such as lime rickeys and chocolate egg creams, plus latkes, tater tots and a variety of soups — available in cup, bowl or “dip” size. Supposedly he plans to feature a different seasonal sandwich each month in addition to a “Make Your Own.” It will be affordable, cas and you can be out the door for $10 or $12. So far all you cheese lovers waiting for Okiba to open at Century City…come with me to this too!


  1. Meltdown, which was grilled cheese sandwiches fixed with cheese and anything else, opened and closed as fast in Culver City. People are realizing you can’t eat grilled cheese all the time because it will clog your arteries as fast as you take the first bite. Loved your food blog today. Too much food for me but glad you liked everything you had. Blogging restaurants is fun but fattening.

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