Eat Pray Love

Just got back from seeing Eat Pray Love with 8 friends. Although I didn’t love the book by Liz Gilbert, the movie was pretty good-long, scenic, deliciously mouthwatering, funny and just pleasant.

For a re-cap, this movie is about a woman who seemed to have it all – a husband, a great job where she got to travel and a perfect house – but then realizes too little too late that she hasn’t gotten what she truly wanted from life. Coming off her divorce, she sets out to explore the world and seek out her true destiny. Haven’t we all done this in one form or another? Going off to college? Taking a semester abroad? Moving to a new city after college? I know I have…and I have great memories (and photos).

With tons of gimmicks surrounding this movie, from a new line of lotions from Lancome to the Four Seasons Hotels imitating the movie with a “Bali, Pray Love” package, including a consultation with the healer Gilbert spent time with and a Balinese cooking class to others in Milan, Florence and Mumbai; I don’t think this craze will be like The DaVinci Code.

The movie is certainly something to watch and admire, to revel at the fact that not a lot of people get to do what she did: leave everything behind and start fresh for a year-traveling the wonders of the world and being carefree.

I felt that way in Florence my junior year abroad and also on my honeymoon with David in Thailand. I think it is important to really reassess what makes you happy in life as time goes on, because we grow as people with different life experiences.

David in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Julia Roberts, Bali

This photo just made me laugh when I saw it on the advertisements because I knew back in my album I had taken one just like it with David biking through the rice fields. It made me smile.



  1. I saw it yesterday as well. I really liked it. The scenery was fabulous. I saw her in person and she was terrific and explained how her life is now with “Phillipe” and how long it took to work out their plans to live two places. I am sure her life has changed even more with all the money she has made since the book came out. Loved the picture of David.

  2. Elaine Diamond says:

    I also saw the film yesterday – at the beautiful old Crest Theatre. It’s their last show there, but no one really knows what might happen next to the building.
    I had read the book on a 2-day train trip (a perfect setting!) and really enjoyed it. I liked the movie, but thought it could have used some editing/cutting – too long.

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