New cookie bakery to Westside Pavillion

As I was walking out of the 3rd floor of Nordstrom, I couldn’t help but notice the announcement of a new place due this summer, since for some reason kelly green speaks to me:

Kelley's Kookies at Westside Pavillion (3rd Floor)

Kelley’s Kookies has the cutest logo and color scheme it made me run home and call them right away. Since 1988, this local small company has been a family run business and every single cookie is handmade and handcut with no preservatives.

They sell their baked goods at local Japanese markets on Sawtelle. The lady on the phone said that their Melting Moments

and their Macadamia Chocolate Chip cookies are the best sellers.

Melting Moments

Macadamia Chocolate Chip

They have cute gift baskets too.

Gift Basket

Coming in the next few weeks on the 3rd floor by Nordstrom. I can’t wait to try it!



  1. Sounds good. Lauren, you are such the little shopper. Had no idea.

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