Temple St. Clair at Target…not Saks darling…for a limited time only

I have always loved looking in the case at the Temple St. Clair jewelry every time I’m at Saks or Barneys but when I ask how much it is, I always politely smile and walk away.  Temple St. Clair Carr founded this jewelry line in 1986 in Florence, Italy debuting then at Barneys New York one year later.  But a little birdie, as in my sister Lindsay, told me she is now the 6th limited edition jewelry collaborator at Target. Too bad I was at Target today AND yesterday.

Her Renaissance-inspired jewelry has a considerable following of A-list fans, but now at Target she has a line for under $50 featuring 14K gold-plated necklaces, cuffs, rings, and charms. Ethereal blues, blood reds and clear white gemstones showcase her love of color while the settings in gold look modern yet opulent. Pieces hit stores and online last Sunday and will be there through December 28th.

Here is one of my favorites online:

14k Gold Egg Pendant Necklace $39.99

Now I will have to go back and see her stuff in person, for a third visit to Target this week.


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