Okiba…I conquered it, two times in one day, swear.

As you all know, I love cheese and love food. And I wrote about the highly anticipated Okiba Mozzarella Bar at Century City Mall here and here. So some might call me a stalker or some might call me crazy, but I ate at Okiba twice yesterday. Lunch and Dinner. And I loved every second. Here’s why:

It’s so nice to have somewhere fresh and new to eat at the mall, but doesn’t feel like you are actually in a mall. The decor is awesome, it’s open, has a heated patio and the hightop table for 6 is a must if you can get it. The place was bustling both times I went and for their second day open, I must admit they had their stuff together (except slow wine service at dinner Lesley made me promise to write). And all I could do was look at what everyone was eating to try to get a handle on what I wanted.

Lunch: I went with my friend Lauren and she had the Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon, Songino Salad, Arugula, Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes. The waiter promised if she didn’t love it he would take it back-saying it was the freshest salmon ever:Her bowl was empty.

I had the Salad with Red Beets, Baby Spinach and Burrata with Roasted Pine Nuts. DELICIOUS!

We also shared a classic mozzarella dish with marinated artichokes. I didn’t get to take a photo because we ate it too fast and I forgot.

Dinner: I went with my friends Lesley, Nina and Lisa. Two of the them ordered the beet salad and one ordered the salmon. No reason to take a photo of that. But, we did order to share the Gragnano Schiaffoni Pasta with Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP and Tomato Sauce and I have a few things to say. The chef is literally off the boat from Italy, like 10 days ago. He cooks the pasta extremely al dente, to the fact we sent it back twice and he personally brought it out to us the 3rd time asking “Who likes overcooked pasta?”. When we saw his scruffy face and light blue eyes we all subconsciously agreed he was for sure an Italian Stallion, and we each pointed to the girl across the able as to who liked overcooked pasta. Not me!!!!  As cute as he was, and amazing and rich the sauce was, the pasta…hm…not so much. Still al dente. But of course we didn’t tell him, poor guy.  I think he needs to work on Americanizing his pasta or he’s in for a rude surprise. Good thing was that he was as easy on the eyes as the pasta was:

For dessert they gave us Ricotta Mousse with Honey, Orange Peel and Pine Nuts and some Limoncello…2nd day in business and they know how to butter up 4 girls.

Loved it…even if I had to send my pasta back twice. Ladies…to check out the chef I suggest you do the same.


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