The Town…2 thumbs up

I feel like I haven’t seen a movie in forever. But on Saturday night, since we weren’t invited to any Break Fast, we went to see The Town and loved it! All I really knew about it was that Ben Affleck was in it and always did a double take when I saw the billboards with a bunch of nuns running around with guns. Enough said, onto I went.

Affleck wrote, directed and stars as a young criminal who wants to right his wronged life- his second time  directing since his critically-acclaimed 2007 debut Gone Baby Gone (which I loved-both the book and the movie). It took in almost $24 million dollars this weekend, and I was very happy to contribute to that amount.

It was tense, smartly written and I was shaking throughout some of the best parts gripping David’s hand (Not sure if that was because I was scared, had to pee or was starving from day 4 of my 9 day cleanse). For me, I loved Ben, Rebecca Hall (who was in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and reminds me of my blond friend Allison) and Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker).

Rotten Tomatoes gave is a 94% and describes it as such: ” “The Town” is the tale of four men — thieves, rivals and friends — being hunted through the streets of Boston by a tenacious FBI agent and a woman who might destroy them all. The book won the 2005 Hammett Prize for excellence in crime writing.” Wish I had read this book too.


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