Time to bundle up the kids…it’s getting cold!

So it’s definitely feeling like fall, at least at night it is. We go back and forth with do we put the heat on at 72? Do we go to bed and see how it goes? Should we wear pants and long sleeve shirts, put Nathan in  short sleeves/long sleeves, etc….As obsessed as I am with pj’s (for everyone in the family), nothing makes me smile like comfy, cozy, fleece footies:

$8 fleece footies at the Carter's store

Now I know they have these at Children’s Place and Costco, but they recently opened a Carter’s Store in Culver City in the mall with Babies R Us, Pavillions, TJ Maxx, etc…so why not go there directly? They are only $8 each in the store, $10 online.

And while you’re at it, why not pick up something cute for Thanksgiving, since everyone will buy stuff for Halloween and Christmas? I like these:



  1. […] A big thanks to my friend Amber for forwarding me this and feeding into my pj craze. […]

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