Ice Cream…but really cool

So I had a little shindig for my husband’s 40th this past weekend and was looking for some kind of novelty…something classy, unexpected and yummy. I knew I wanted to do some sort of ice cream sundae bar because my husband doesn’t like cake or frosting (yes, sad but true). So as I scoured blogs of all kind and I found Sweet Lucies Organic Ice Cream and instantly fell in love. Who wouldn’t want a cute married couple scoping ice cream from their vintage inspired ice cream cart?  Their 1959 Vintage Ice Cream Truck should be cruising around this fall.

Their back story is cutie pie “Geri Czako was expecting her first child and wanted ice cream. To satiate her ice cream craving, but also to ensure that the ingredients were delicious, superior, and organic, Geri decided to make her own. A few months (and a few dozen recipes) later, she perfected the ideal combination of organic ingredients and sweet perfection. Oh, and, Geri had her baby girl and her name is Lucie.”

This is the perfect kind of rental for adults or kids birthday’s alike, bar/bat mitzvah’s or weddings. We had vanilla, mint chip and cookies and cream and delicious hot fudge on the side.It was almost too beautiful to eat, but more importantly it was a huge crowd pleaser. And these guests knew their stuff!


  1. Elaine Diamond says:

    I loved the cart — and the yummy ice cream and toppings. Definitely a party hit! Hope their truck will be rolling into our neighborhood soon.

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