New Maroon 5 cd…it’s about time!

So we just got back from Mexico where I read a 500+ page book and listened to Maroon 5’s new Hands All Over cd maybe 5 times through. Since they came on the scene in 2002 I’ve always liked them, as has David…and I’ve seen them in concert in LA, Vegas, etc.. (They are playing at the Greek Theatre this Friday and Saturday night). There is no discussing that Adam Levine is hot:

I read online that the band worked with producer Robert “Mutt” Lange (AC/DC, Def Leppard) while recording the album in Switzerland. And it’s AWESOME! The lyrics are catchy, it’s very pop and a lot of the songs are very relatable love songs. There is a live track, which is a cover of Alicia Keys’ hit, “If I Don’t Have You.” This was a great song to cover and Adam Levine’s voice is a great soulful match.

I found a good review on Rolling Stone that sums up how I feel: “Levine’s big influences are still Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and the Police, but he stretches out, dipping into country (“Out of Goodbyes,” with harmonies from Lady Antebellum) and power pop (“Stutter”).” This album really shows that they took risks and it worked.

My favorite songs are: Don’t Know Nothing, Stubborn, Get Back in My Life and the acoustic version of Misery. Buy it….


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