Heidi Klum + New Balance + Amazon.com

Heidi Klum is one busy lady and by no means is she some schlumpy soccer mom. Today, she launched a new line of basics with New Balance exclusively on Amazon.com and I am definitely going to order some. The debut fall collection features tunics, knits, woven tops, leggings and outerwear pieces that incorporate hand-woven stitching and embellishment, and range in price from $32 to $168. You have to believe that someone who works, has 4 kids, travels and beyond busy must know what kind of clothes feel best and look best when running from one thing to the next. Isn’t it hard to find that one good basic, “go to” item, right?

Heidi says the line was inspired by her own busy life as a working mother: “I could not think of an easier way to shop than from my bed on my laptop! Our lives as mothers, wives, working women have become so much more than ever before. Whether we are dropping the kids off at school, going out with friends, running errands, running to meetings or swinging by your favorite coffee shop in the morning, we all have one thing in common–we want to be stylish, comfortable and hip!”

I currently have the following in my shopping cart:


Pant with Zippers ($78), Zip Hoodie ($78) Cropped Sweatshirt ($78)



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