Vegetable Lasagna…celebrity style

While on vacation, I had time to catch up on several of my magazines that had begun to pile up and found something of interest in People Magazine. I love how they sometimes have recipes, not really having made any of them, but when I came across the one for a Vegetarian Lasagna by Julianne Moore, it just caught my eye-so colorful and vibrant. As much as my husband loves a meat lasagna, I figured it was time for a change and to go ‘lighter’ tonight. It was a piece of cake…so easy and scrumptious. 

The best thing about it is when I read the fine print, I saw that there is a great website called that is a  site to encourage families to eat get closer by sharing a meal together, sponsored by Barilla (think pasta and sauces). They have a bunch of celebrities lending some great recipes too. You can download the Celebrity Pasta Lovers’ Cookbook for free until October 15th but if you want a copy just leave a comment on my post with your email and I will email it to you. It has some great pasta recipes from Martina McBride, Jimmy Fallon, Mario Batali, Meryl Streep and more. You can also click on their Placemat Creator and print placemats for the kids to use. And one more thing, you can go on the site and share your story about how your family connects around the table with successes and struggles. Each week, the winning dinnertime story will earn a month’s worth of groceries to help keep the family meal tradition going strong (rules/regs say it’s a $500 Target gift card)!!! The Mealtime Moments contest has already started and will last until December 31, so hurry up and submit ONE story ASAP!

By visiting the website and affirming your belief in meaningful meals Barilla will donate $1 to Meals On Wheels, up to $150,000. Right now it’s only up to 64,651, not enough.

So I’ve spread the news on a great mitzvah for today….enjoy.



  1. Nicole Mathalon says:

    The veggie lasagna does sound delicious. Please send me the rest of the recipes!!!!! Thanks!

  2. barbara m. says:

    Would love to a copy! Sounds great!

  3. I know I’m pretty late, but I would LOVE to get a copy of this book! I’m all about cooking at home, making things from scratch, when I have the time, and making healthy substitutions wherever I can. Usually that means loading things like lasagna and stirfrys and homemade pizzas with as much wheat and veggies as I can. Thanks again!

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