John Derian for Target…

I’m not that behind the 8 ball, I just haven’t had time to go to my local Target and really stalk the new collection of John Derian for Target which has been available since Labor Day. But today I did. My sister introduced me to this line while shopping in NY years ago and told me he was the king of decoupage. Not exactly my style at the time, but I always loved his beautiful paperweights (but not for $60!).

Now that I’m in a ‘house’ I can see pieces of his collection in a bookshelf, in my home office or scattered around the house and his new collaboration for Target is just the right price point. It consists of nearly 100 products all priced under $25, featuring affordable home décor products and office accessories inspired by Derian’s love of nature and appreciation of classic, vintage style with well-designed, purposeful products.

The Target I went to in Culver City didn’t have a ton of selection and seemed picked over but just a simple thing like a beautiful receipt holder got me excited. I also think his keepsake box for $12.99, to display on a bookshelf would be gorgeous.

Happy hunting for this special line…


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