Neiman Marcus: Keeping up with the times

I’m not sure why my past few posts have been all about fashion and shopping. Scratch that, they have been about shopping because I’ve been under the weather and haven’t gone out all week (and have been online late at night obsessing over what I can buy). But stay tuned for next week when I’m back to normal and have a jam packed week of dinners, events and cooking classes.

So, it was a pleasure to read an article my Mom forwarded me on a new venture by Neiman Marcus to generate business by a younger demographic and to keep up with the likes of Gilt Group, Rue La La and all the other discount retailers.  Neiman’s is opening a new line of outlet stores this fall called Last Call Studio, which will sell clothes that have never passed through a Neiman Marcus or even the retailer’s existing chain of Last Call outlet stores. All new, hand picked fresh fashion for less!  These will be stores found in strip malls, NOT outlet malls and will be smaller than the Last Call Outlet stores. The first stores will open in Rockville, Md., and Paramus, N.J., in November. There will be 27 stores total and they better come to the LA area or else. Happy Shopping!


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