Calling all cooks…but only Hip Cooks

Last night we went to a cooking class for my friend Allana’s 30th birthday at Hip Cooks in the Brewery section of Lincoln Heights near downtown LA. Leave it to Allana to find a cool place to go…and such a different experience to be in a new area (although they do have one on Robertson Blvd). The Brewery is a cool artistic community offering gallery space, performance spaces, living spaces, and semi-annual artwalks. Hip Cooks gave us funny but cryptic directions, through gates, down alleys and in the middle of an old steel mill and the old Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery. Check this out: There are around 300 lofts where artists and others live, and tucked away is the nondescript Hip Cooks. There were 14 of us for a private class and the theme was Greek night (one of my favorite foods).

For me, going to a cooking class for a party, it was the perfect amount of hands on cooking where you can help make a few things but also wear a dry clean shirt and not worry about it getting splattered on. (Plus Allana brought us all our own aprons.) It’s a no measuring and no recipe class (although they are going to email us the recipes today), because it’s all amount smelling and tasting the food. The wine was flowing, the instructor had some funny one liners and the food we made was great: Spanakpita, Grilled Veggie Salad, marinated Lamb, Tzatziki, Baklava and more. Here are some photos-check out the cute invite:Afterward we went to Barbara’s at the Brewery for drinks, snacks and cake. Again, another hole in the wall but a neighborhood gem with tons of locals. They had a restaurant and bar with hard to find micro brew beers on tap and Barbara herself was super nice.

Great night-thanks Allana! I’m going to check out other classes Hip Cooks offers!


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