J.Crew Factory Outlet now online

So here I am in Miami for my Grandmother’s 90th birthday. I usually overpack like crazy, but for some reason this trip I didn’t. I packed completely inadequately for my entire family, no layers, sweaters, day clothes, you name it and of course it’s so cold and windy.

So I’m online waiting for the 12 of us to get ready to go to dinner and in came this amazing email:The J Crew Factory Outlet Online just came out today and is only open on Friday at Noon (9 am in LA) to Sunday at Midnight (9 pm in LA). Only items for women and men (why no kids I’m not sure) and everything from outerwear to t-shirts, dresses and jewelry (no shoes).

I don’t have time to shop now, but will definitely indulge one of these weekends for sure!



  1. If I listed my top 20 things I love to do, packing would be one of them. I love to pack and overpack. I even like to repack. If I’m gone for 3 days, I always try and squeeze in 5 days of clothing for the “just in case” moments when I change my mind.

    I think of you as equally obsessive; so it is interesting reading your blog. I’m sure you’re having a great time, and now you have the extra extra excuse to grab a few minutes to speed shop.

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