Jet With Kids…safe and happy travels this holiday season

We recently came back from a 4 day trip to Florida and have to say our 2 year old did an amazing job. We were so worried we would be “those people” with a screaming, uncontrollable toddler having a tantrum in the middle of our red eye flight.

During the busy holiday season with tons of travelers, weather issues, canceled flights, full flights, you name it, it’s really best to try to be as calm as possible (with your child), but to also prepared as possible. I’m not saying I have the perfect tips or know exactly what to do, and I brought a bag full of stuff that made me look like Houdini and definitely was prepared.

I think we all know the key is to bring snacks, lots of snacks, DVD player, toys, their blankie if they have one, etc… But I found this website that I also thought was very helpful called Jet With Kids. It’s a great resource created by over 20 veteran travel experts and pediatricians about traveling with your children. From important documentation requirements to the best toys on planes, even the true hard facts about infant safety on planes, this site is dedicated to changing aviation travel from a dreaded transportation necessity and “nightmare” to an enjoyable and safe part of the trip for all involved.

Download travel lists, the best strollers and car seats, how to prevent tantrums and pretty much anything you can imagine. And after today’s article in the NY Times about how people are vying for “child free flights” make it a little easier on yourselves and everyone else, if you can.



  1. Your post is quite timely. Clearly you’ve seen the NY Times article with the image you chose for your post. My friend posted the last lines of the article on her FB status over the weekend. Quite poignant to add to your post:

    “So consider traveling with noise-canceling headphones, she advised, “and try to remember: plenty of business travelers are annoying, too.”

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