Santa Monica Gobble Wobble

We stay in LA for Thanksgiving every other year. Besides the obvious Thanksgiving meal and the 8 am Black Friday shopping spree, it it nice to look for other things to do when the city has cleared out. Now I’m certainly one to take seconds if there is something served that I like…but boy do I feel guilty and disgusting by Friday afternoon.  That’s why the 2nd Annual Gobble Wobble sounds like a fun way to spend the Saturday morning after turkey day.

So get off the couch and burn some calories! Bring everyone for a a 5k Turkey Trot (as they call it), music, and pre- and post-game festivities. They even have a Widdle Wobble, a 1K dash perfect for children 10 and under. The Gobble Wobble has partnered with the Westside Food Bank and encourages all participants to bring a can of food to the race.

It starts at 8 am and costs about $35 to register. David, Lindsay (my sister) and I did a 5k earlier in the year, the Santa Monica Classic, my first one and it was awesome. If you’re going to sign up let me know.



  1. I love my annual hike that I do with a girlfriend the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It has become a fantastic ritual: we talk turkey while sharing a thousand laughs the whole way.

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