Giving Thanks

I wanted to give thanks to all of my family, my friends and my readers. Thanksgiving is a fun, filling and emotional holiday for me. It’s certainly time to reflect on the way our lives have turned since the year before, what is new in our lives with work, our relationships or even new friends we met. I certainly have learned to love the ones you are with because you never know which way things may go.

We were blessed this year to have a successful year in real estate, good health, a few memorable trips and lots of family time. We had one Thanksgiving in Malibu with David’s fun family and then another one in Beverly Hills with fun friends. Only I went to the one in BH to pop in and drop off dessert because both of my guys were under the weather. But I left with the cutest bundle of warm love (aka a party favor) from Allana Shepps and her mom Simone Friedman…how cute are they? It’s just enough for us to eat at 9 pm when we get hungry again from our 12:30 Malibu lunch. If you want the recipe for this delicious easy pumpkin soup leave me a comment, and I’ll check with them to see if they are giving it out 🙂  Gobble Gobble


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