The King’s Speech: A definite Oscar worthy movie

Last night was a long overdue date night for us and I was dying to see a movie. I had several on my list (Black Swan, Fair Game, etc..) but we ended up seeing The King’s Speech and it was amazing.

As it says on IMDB: The King’s Speech “tells the story of the man who became King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II. After his brother abdicates, George (‘Bertie’) (played by Colin Firth) reluctantly assumes the throne. Plagued by a dreaded stutter and considered unfit to be king, Bertie engages the help of an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue (played by Geoffrey Rush). Through a set of unexpected techniques, and as a result of an unlikely friendship, Bertie is able to find his voice and boldly lead the country through war.”

We had already heard good things from David’s Aunt Judy and David’s Mom, but I really can’t believe I didn’t know anything about this king or his background.  Most of the people in the theater were of the older generation (60+) so I’m sure they all remember his rein, as George VI took the throne in 1936 and only was King until 1952. It was so refreshing to see a true story portrayed by brilliant award winning actors and I felt like I got a very good perspective on what King George VI was going through in his personal and public life on the road to being King at such a tumultuous time in England.

The LA Times gave it a great review if you’d like to read it here. But David and I gave it 2 thumbs up!

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  1. Elaine Diamond says:

    Thanks for the recommendation – it’s definitley on our “must see” list.

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