Let The Sun Shine…

So on Saturday night, at the request of my hubby, we are going to see HAIR at the Pantages.

I know NOTHING about this show…kind of a first for me. But I read online that it tells the story of a group of friends choosing to speak up and sing out in celebration of love, life and freedom. They say it’s the first great rock musical, with some of the most rousing and soulful songs ever written for the stage, including “Let the Sun Shine In,” “Easy to be Hard,” “Good Morning Starshine,” “Aquarius” and the infectious title song, “Hair.”

I’m always up for a show, especially if it’s won a recent Tony (although we saw West Side Story at the Pantages last month and I wanted to walk out after 3 songs). Reviews have been good so we’re excited. Next month is Rock of Ages (which I’ve seen and is AMAZING!!) you must get tickets now!!



  1. Hair was one of the first musicals Ken and I saw in LA. Then we saw it in London, and it seemed at the time so weird to hear everything sung with British accents. Each tie I went, I just had to dress up in clothes of that period. Have fun!

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