Magnolia: for dinner not cupcakes

Last night before HAIR we went to have dinner at Magnolia recommended by my bestie Rachael. Wow was it amazing and the best kept parking secret as well. Valet park for dinner then walk one long block to the Pantages (past all the idiotic freezing people waiting to get into the W Hotel bar) for $10 and you’re set!

My hubby is not one to be impressed by restaurants. He doesn’t care about fancy food, wine, atmosphere, decor-nothing. So to hear him say this was “one of the best dining experiences” of his life which is a direct quote, had me question who I was really with at dinner.

David started with chicken noodle soup because he had a sore throat (perfect for him, boring to me). Then he had wild salmon with a parsnip puree and zucchini. I ordered the beet and avocado salad with arugula and toasted pistachios. Delicious! Apparently it was rotated out for the beet and goat cheese salad, but the one I had was divine. David finished what I couldn’t eat. Then I ordered the steak frites with the herbed butter sauce and crispy french fries. Melted in my mouth. Plus the brussel sprouts seasoned with truffle oil was the perfect combo.

Now for dessert. They had a verbal menu…so when our waitress Jacklyn, who was fabulous, said the first item, David interrupted her and said “sold!”. It was a chocolate chip cookie and mint ice cream sandwich cut up four ways. I thought David had died and gone to heaven. He even told Jacklyn that for the first time in his 40 years he really felt a special connection to this restaurant because he loved everything so much. Could that have been the Malbec talking??? Perhaps.

Nonetheless, this is ABSOLUTELY our go to restaurant every time we venture out to the Pantages. No doubt about it. We’re planning to go there again in February before Rock of Ages. Can’t wait!



  1. Thanks for the tip!! We have season tickets and are sort of over Katsuya, Delphine and Cleo so this sounds like a welcome change! Can’t wait to check it out in March before Avenue Q!!

  2. Nicole Mathalon says:

    We love that place!! Food is always good. I also LOVE the cookies and ice cream!!

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