Craig’s on Melrose: The Place to Be

We went out to dinner last night with our good friends Amie and Dean. They suggested two places we hadn’t been before: the SLS for drinks and Craig’s on Melrose for dinner. Hell yeah, I said…can’t wait!

The SLS…wow. I’m sure most of you have been…a little bizarre for me, but very cool. Great bar scene, restaurant looked like a lot of fun, but super loud. We walked around, found a table and just started the night off right.

Then it was off to Craig’s for our 8:30 reservation on Melrose and Robertson. Upon walking in the door we saw about 6 familiar faces, and then 5 more throughout the night. Mixed crowd of old and young. It was jam packed with probably the former Dan Tana’s diners since Craig Susser, who was the maitre d’ there for 23 years, just opened this place a few weeks ago. Great atmosphere, cool bar, a moderately priced, mostly Italian menu that included some old-school American dishes like Italian Wedding Soup, Chicken Parm, but also has wood fired pizza’s and fried chicken.

Amie and Dean knew the executive chef from childhood, Robbie Sarstedt who came out to say hi. Seemed like everyone in the place knew him. Such a nice guy. The wait staff was awesome, very attentive. Our waiter had opened the Capital Grille at the Bev Center. The entire restaurant was lined with intimate teal leather curved booths…and you can tell which ones are for the A-Listers.

Great place…it will be around for a while.


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