Waterloo and City: great dinner spot

I have been out of commission for over a week. I missed fun outings, grilled cheese night at Campanille, the birth of my friends daughter and much much more. So my re-entry into the land of the living was Saturday night at Waterloo and City on a triple date with good friends. None of us had been there before but had heard good things.

This very unassuming restaurant on Washington just West of Centinela is in the old Crest Family House Restaurant. $2 valet parking, $15 corkage fee and beyond packed with a great young scene, every seat at the bar was filled and with a table of 6 we were whisked right in (just my style). There are even some outdoor seats on their covered patio as well. The chef, Brendan Collins best known from Anisette and Palihouse, has created a great varietal menu that matches the Gastropub feel with tons of beer and wine selections.

The food is British with some items that are also Mediterranean inspired. For appetizers we ordered the Beet Salad with Humbolt Fog cheese and blackberries (amazing), the fresh Farmer’s Market veggies with a mushroom polenta (so fresh) and the braised short rib pizza with arugula on top. All great choices. Entrees between the 6 of us varied from pasta with sausage and peas, bbq chicken pizza, Bolognese gnocchi,the Shepard’s pie I ordered, their special lamb and pasta with mushrooms. And we definitely stuck around for the sticky toffee pudding.

This place was full of life and totally reasonable. I think they certainly could have fixed up the outside of the restaurant, and the twinkle lights bothered me, but what can you do?  


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