The weekend, Vegas, etc…

I’ve been a bit lazy with the blogging, not going to lie. Not only was I sick with a cold=not fun, but I really only want to write about things that I actually like. And I just haven’t found that lately.

So this weekend we did a 24 hour trip to Vegas. We really only went because Southwest had a 72 hour sale with $39 one-way tickets, and that’s how I lured David into agreeing to go.

So our itinerary was as follows: 8:30 am brutally early flight were we actually checked into the Wynn at 10 am. Why? Hotel was empty I guess. Small nap, lunch across the street at Strip Burger which had amazing chili cheese fries. Then David went to play Pai Gow and I had a massage. Lovely spa, gym was packed with young hot guys and with our $100 spa credit, the $160 massage didn’t feel so wrong.

After getting ready for the night we checked out City Center which was great. Aria hotel, Mandarian Oriental, Cosmopolitan and tons of high end stores it made me so sad to not be a billionaire. We ate dinner at Scarpetta which was just ok. I loved the polenta and mushrooms to start but my pasta was not ‘amazing’. The Cosmopolitan Hotel is THE PLACE to be…with STK, Comme Ca, etc… it was jam backed with people that actually looked somewhat normal. Then off to see the LOVE show where I was literally trying to keep my eyes open at 11 pm. AM I TOO OLD FOR VEGAS??? The show was great but I was beat.

Then at midnight when I was in bed and David came up saying he won $800 on one hand of Pai Gow! I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not, but all I could think about was the Chanel shoes I saw downstairs and that a good husband would go and buy them for me right then on the spot. Dreaming… (But he really did win $800 in on hand with a royal flush)

Moral of our story was, we are totally content going to Vegas every 3-4 years, to check out the new hip hotels, restaurants and see a show. Would I have liked to have seen Garth because everyone keeps raving about him? Sure. Am I still alive and breathing? Yes. So we came, we conquered and we were home by 10 am yesterday.

And as my sister said when I sent her this photo, “Who wears pearls in in Vegas?” I guess I do.



  1. You do look pretty, even IF you are wearing pearls in VEGAS!

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