Il Sole reopens with a big bang

When I heard that Il Sole reopened after several months of their remodel, one week later I was there, more excited than ever. With Brent Bolthouse greeting us at the front door (after a bitchy hostess with an attitude tried to give us a bad table) I knew the new decor of the sleek dark decor, the lack of art on the walls and the stenciled silver ceiling would give us girls the intimate night we wanted. With Brent being behind the likes of Hyde Lounge, Katsuya, SBE and Phillipe Starck I think it was a shoe-in that Il Sole was bound to be a hit once again.

The menu is still extensive but the prices have dropped to be a little bit more normal. They seem to have Italian regional favorites, truffles now of course and some crudo dishes. Isaac Rivera from Drago has jumped ship to come here and they have a bevvy of new waiters and waitresses, ours was super hot. We split the pasta with truffles for the table, amazing. We all took a moment of silence to appreciate how delicious it was. I had the pappa al pomodoro soup (which brings me back to my Florence days and I order it every time I see it on a menu) and a burrata salad. The other girls had pasta with meatballs and branzino. Then for dessert, chocolate ganache with ice cream. Then a cute mystery man with classes brought us over their version of chocolate wine as they don’t have a full bar. So good I must say.

Celeb sightings were: Jonah Hill, Brian Grazer and Jeremy Piven. Our table was prime for spotting as we were the table on the right.


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