Spice It Up!

We went to dinner a few weeks ago with David’s Aunt and Uncle and they surprised me with an array of a dozen spices from Penzeys Spices in Santa Monica. I was thrilled to find the most amazing selection hand picked for me: Tandori, Greek, Northwoods, BBQ, Italian Seasoning and a ton more. I can’t wait to go to the store on 4th and Santa Monica to see more options in person as this is really seems to be a cooks heaven.

So as I was thumbing through the catalog, I found a few great recipes (although more can be found online) and made one of them tonight which was a total hit.

It was delicious, easy and super yummy for 2 year olds (and 40 year olds). I served them to 3 of them tonight and they were scarfed down.  I ended up not using the chili powder because we don’t do spicy foods, but this was so easy to make, pretty healthy and with a salad, rice or veggies on the side a 30 minute meal good for any weekday night.  You can print it Taco Pasta Shell Recipe. Enjoy!


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