Santa Monica Place: Movies on the Deck

For those of you who haven’t been to the new Santa Monica Place mall, you are kind of missing out. Not only are there some great restaurants, but the Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s are fabulous. There is a killer happy hour from 4-7 at most restaurants on the deck, but now though the end of May they have movies on the deck, for free, at 7 pm every Wednesday night. I know the weather is not fit for it this week, but with titles like Sixteen Candles, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark (my fav) and The Breakfast Club how could you say no? You can even go online and vote on the last movie of the season out of 5 titles set to play on May 25th. Voting starts April 25th here.

I have done this at Century City for the past two years with friends, last year I saw Gigi and it’s a FABULOUS thing to do in Southern California!


  1. Kim Sandoff says:

    good to know..thanks!
    and I heard about your news..congrats to you and David and Nathan!!

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