Red Medicine…fresh and good

I had the pleasure of dining at the newly opened Red Medicine on Wilshire yesterday with my Mother-in-law. It’s the new Vietnamese place on the corner of Wilshire and Gale in Beverly Hills, which has been 100 places in the past. But I have a feeling this one is going to stick.

The area is really light and bright, white washed rustic tables and chairs, dishtowels as napkins, very unassuming with an open kitchen with fresh herbs and edible flowers peeping through the narrow window. All of their non-alcoholic beverages are carbonated and homemade, I had the fruit punch and it did not disappoint.

Since my mother-in-law had been there before, she knew how to navigate the menu, which wasn’t all that big, but we loved everything we had. We started with 3 appetizers: Crispy Spring Roll with dungeness crab, meyer lemon, pea pods, and fines herbs, the Green Papaya salad with pickled roots, crispy taro and the Chinese Eggplant with lime, palm sugar, mint, sesame and celery.

For our entrees she had the Bun Cha with chicken which was a hearty salad of chilled rice vermicelli noodles, herbs, lettuce and more (you could have also had wagyu beef or pork) and I had their Banh Mi, a delicious sandwich of lemongrass chicken with carrot pickle, coriander, kewpie mayonnaise and cucumber served on fresh French bread delivered by Bouchon. The perfect combination! I took tons of pictures of the food but they didn’t come out nearly as bright and wonderful as it looked in person.

Great spot…


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