The Ehrlooms Girls are back in town…

I’ve already posted two blogs about these girls but they are back in town this weekend and I am SO SAD I will be in New York instead of picking out pieces I would like to have (or would like for David to buy for me).  I blogged about them in December and in September so my loyal followers need no introductions. They come in from Chicago a few times a year, but you should all go this weekend to the Four Seasons on Doheny in the Linden Room on Friday from 12-8 or Saturday from 11-6 for sips, savories and DIAMONDS!!!!! They have a range of jewelry from everyday wear to show-stopping designs, you can even create a “wish list” and send someone later or the next day to pick out something from a list you created yourself. It’s a perfect gift for spring time, for Mother’s Day or for my Birthday which is on May 6th….

Forward this to husbands or boyfriends (or post their email in the comment section and I will do it for you). What are friends for anyway?



  1. […] forward statement pieces that are feminine, dainty and antique style. I’ve blogged about them 3 times before and wear a piece of their collection almost every day (either my rings, necklace or […]

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