Viletta in Brentwood (old Chez Mimi locale)

We had a girls dinner last night at Viletta and I have to say we all enjoyed it (minus a little snootiness at the door and having to wait for a well worth it outdoor table). I forgot my camera so you’ll have to just read my thoughts to decide if you want to try it for yourself.

The former maître d’ from nearby Toscana is in charge over here and the layout, lemon trees, furniture and newly redone stone work throughout is really thought-out and truly gorgeous. There is a small bar upon entering to the right and 2 different great outdoor dining spaces and more intimate indoor dining spaces in the back.  It really feels like an Italian villa after you enter through the gorgeous iron gates, keeping in mind it’s a designated historical landmark designed by John Byers in 1926.

For the food: We started with a margherita thin crust pizza which was devoured by the 5 of us. For appetizers we had the fried zucchini blossoms with crab and cheese, a raw and roasted artichoke salad and the burrata, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and bruschetta. For entrees we had the fettuccine ‘alla Bolognese’, the truffled fonduta ravioli with asparagus and peas, the rigatoni with hot and sweet sausage, peas, tomato and cream and the chicken with smoked alpine goats cheese and greens.

Everything was delicious, the wine was flowing and the laughs were abundant. I think it was lovely to eat in the front but also the back looked fab too. I wouldn’t eat in the front room (by the bar) where they tried to seat us 🙂


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