Sotto Restaurant

I went to Sotto last night with my girlfriend, just trying to use my last few days wisely before the baby comes. Sotto is in the space beneath Pica (where Sparky’s used to be on Pico and Beverlwil) and it was hip, dark, romantic, cool and almost felt very New Yorky. Not like you were eating on Pico!  I loved the vibe, the open kitchen, the lighting, the communal dining option, the open wine storage but the bartender was a little slow on the drink pouring…

Eater LA

I didn’t take any pictures of the food, it was just not that kind of night. We sat next to some people I knew, it was dimly lit, almost romantic, and I would have felt like a total loser taking pictures of my food (similar to how I would have felt had I done that at Viletta) but this is what we had:

We started with the shaved beet and mixed lettuce salad (which was just ok) but LOVED the fava bean and ramp bruschetta, topped with burrata and egg. It reminded us of a similar version of Street’s deconstructed Kaya Toast.  For our entrees we shared the Casarecce pasta with braised lamb ragu, egg and pecorino which was delicious, but a small portion for $15; but by the time they served the Campagnola pizza with sunchokes, fennel, mozzarella, marjoram (and we had them hold the house-cured lardo) we weren’t that hungry. Too much time had gone by-we actually thought they forgot about our pizza, which we would have been happy about! But when it came we each had a few pieces and liked it a lot, but brought the rest home for the hubby’s. I do have to say that 3 of the 5 people at the table next to us got the roasted chicken which looked divine…I don’t normally order that at a restaurant but I’d certainly try it next time (plus my friend Alex said it’s great-and I trust her taste buds).

Great, relaxing 2 hour meal. No snottyness by the waitstaff or hostess. Pizza took a bit long to make, would have at least liked it served with our pasta, wine list was great, but the dessert menu did not impress us, so we passed.

They aren’t on open table, as far as I know, so to make a reservation just call 310-277-0210.


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