Pici in Beverly Hills

Chef Jason Harley (celeb private chef, BlackSteel, Parq) has opened his cozy neighborhood Italian restaurant Pici Enoteco in collaboration with partner and WireImage founder Jeff Vespa. It’s hard to believe that Pici (pronounced “peachy”) previously existed as Bossa Nova on South Bevelry Dr in BH. I went yesterday for the opening after it was recently on Urban Daddy and it was FAB!

For our appetizer we had this:

Artichoke Fritters Boursin Cheese and an Herb Aioli

Their facebook page says: “All dishes will be priced under $12 (what a deal!) with a focus on extra thin crust pizzas, we had the lemongrass with caramelized onions and crispy leeks and it was different but we devoured it; in addition to freshly made pici pastas (tomato, basil, garlic; bolognese; arribiata), a few salads (burrata caprese (we had this and it was very good-it just needed some salt); wedge with crispy prosciutto; arugula and tomato), and some antipasti. For dessert: varying flavors of Chef J’s famous cheesecake. During dinner service, the idea is to offer a few specials, perhaps a special seasonal ravioli, a meat dish, and/or a fish. And rather than offer bread on the table pre-meal, guests will receive fried gnocchi with marinara sauce.”

I would definitely go back without a doubt…can’t wait.


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