Smith House Tap and Grill

Over Labor Day weekend we saw 2 movies and went out to dinner twice (big deal come two kids but a sad change to my old life) and Smith House was definitely something I wanted to write about.

Smith House Tap & Grill is a great new neighborhood bar and restaurant, at lease from us. And it doesn’t hurt that the chef is  Angelo Sosa (seen on “Top Chef”). The LA Times describes it as a “pub-style restaurant serving bar food with an Asian flair.” Angelo definitely takes the ordinary and tweaks it a bit.  Right away I loved how they served us water in HUGE mason jars.

I wanted to start with the fried green tomatoes but instead changed my mind to the deconstructed lettuce wraps made with a sriracha mayonnaise that was too spicy for David. David then ordered one of  beer flights with more than 100 beers on tap it was hard for him to choose so this was perfect.  I found out later that their beer is served in 6 temperature controlled zones which sounds crazy to me since I don’t drink beer. But David had a strawberry beer that was amazing.

But the best part of the night was my Cheddar Crunch Burger made with smashed fritos creating a cheddar crunch. OMG. Amazing. David ordered the edamame burger which was a mistake…so no photo there.


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