Mercato Di Vetro

We went this weekend to the new hotspot you can easily drive past, Mercato Di Vetro,  tucked away next to Dan Tana’s and the Troubador. AMAZING. From the chef behind Cleo and Katsuya, how could it be bad? High ceilings, a buzzing bar (one on each floor), cool counter space to eat at and full of young hipsters. It was the perfect place for a girls night out and it was PACKED.

I didn’t get to take that many pictures of the food because we ate it all so fast but here is what we ate and LOVED:

Beet salad with pistachio, blood orange and avocado, the Hen of Woods with aïoli & parmesan, the Olive & Ricotta salad with ricotta, arugula, tapenade & marcona almonds (shown below), the mushroom pizza, the meatballs were to die for (we ordered 2 of them), and for pasta we went with the lamb bolognese and the pomodoro. I have no pictures because all of the plates were empty in 3 seconds. I must say I didn’t care for the mussels-but that was it!

We had the best time, perfect for a group and fun night out, it’s definitely loud but worth it. I think this place will be sticking around for a long time.


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