Cooks County Restaurant in West Hollywood

We had a fantastic dinner last night at Cooks County across from Swingers.   With the small setting, the open kitchen with 4 bar stools to casually eat at, the food from Daniel Mattern and Roxana Jullapat, who have have been working together for years at foodie havens like Ammo, Campanile, and Lucques was spot on! The menu, which changes daily, features snacks such as cast-iron bread and farmhouse butter, chicken liver crostini (which was rich and very good).

We decided to all share our appetizers and entrees which were delicious. For apps we had the Sugar snap peas, prosciutto, farro, lemon & mint which was light and refreshing, the Steamed local mussels, roasted tomato, garlic, white wine & grilled bread which were very good but on the smaller side and the Roasted beets, “two year” avocado, grapefruit & watercress which I loved.

We sampled the Braised beef shortribs, the Seabass with artichokes & preserved meyer lemon aïoli, the Pacific seafood soup: grilled fish, Dungeness crab, mussels, clams, white shrimp & romesco and a delicious pasta with lamb shoulder.

As the night when on it got louder and louder. They had a fabulous beer and wine selection with some pretty great desserts. We opted for the Meyer lemon homemade poptart, but probably should have stuck with the beignets or the sticky date pudding…next time.


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