Private Cooking Class in your home?

My hubby gave me one of the greatest gifts a busy Mom who likes to cook could want. A private cooking class in my home with Chef Doug Silverberg.  His company DineIn was created to teach others how to cook and understand how to use their home kitchens.  Doug offers hands on, individual or group cooking classes in your kitchen. He even does kids birthday parties too! Do you know how many gadgets we received for our wedding (5 years ago) that are collecting dust because I am scared to use them? Or how, still to this day, I do not know how to roast a chicken?

I had Doug come over to cook us an unbelievable meal and walk us through the steps of what he made and how we could make it again ourselves. He does do this sort of thing but the classes are his specialty.  His services would make a perfect gift for your client, your significant other or the ‘main ingredient’ to your next girls night in.  Check out what he made us:

Vegan Butternut Squash soup with bacon crisps, cornbread croutons and a maple drizzle.

Fresh Farmer's Market greens, with roasted beets, raw shaved beets and goat cheese over a beet puree with an apple puree drizzle, lightly dressed.

Sea trout with yellow split peas, sprouting broccoli, wild mushrooms.

Herb dusted wild swordfish with yellow split peas, sweet pea greens, wild mushrooms.

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a cast iron pan with vanilla ice cream.


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