Space shuttle Endeavour to make 12-mile trek on L.A. streets

As seen in the LA Times my friend Nikki sent me this and when more information comes out, we are SO THERE!

The 170,000-pound shuttle’s carefully coordinated move from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center to its permanent home at the California Science Center  in Exposition Park. After arriving at LAX on the back of a Boeing 747, the shuttle will make a two-day trek through the streets of Los Angeles, the first time a space shuttle has been moved through the heart of a city. Weather permitting, Endeavour will arrive at LAX Sept. 20.  There, a team of NASA  engineers will lift the shuttle off the plane using cranes and a giant sling, and move it to a United Airlines hangar, where final preparations will be made for its ground transport.

The big move will continue Oct. 12 when the shuttle — nestled on the back of computer-controlled modular transporters — will begin its crawl along a route that includes Manchester Avenue and Crenshaw and Martin Luther King Jr.boulevards. The next day, the shuttle will stop at Inglewood City Hall and again at the intersection of Crenshaw and MLK, where a performance produced by actress and choreographer Debbie Allen will take place.  At its top speed, the transporters carrying the shuttle will travel about 2 mph along the city streets.

The state-run California Science Center will house the shuttle in a temporary exhibit — open to the public Oct. 30 — until construction of a new air and space addition is complete.


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