FREE Garden Concerts for Kids at The Getty: Last weekend August 18th and 19th

Nathan and Sydney went to this this past weekend with my in-laws and LOVED IT! I just feel bad I didn’t tell you all about it earlier. But if you are looking for something to do this Saturday Sunday night then this is where you and your family should head over to. There was tons of room to run around, enough shade to beat the heat and a whole bunch of families enjoying free good music. All you pay for is parking.
This weekend, Bill Harley will be preforming at The Getty Saturday, August 18 and Sunday, August 19, 2012 from 4:00–5:30 p.m. The museum galleries are open until 9 pm on Saturday, they have a hot dog cart on Saturday until 5 pm, the Cafe is open until 6 pm and they have an ice cream tart until 5 pm.

Two-time Grammy Award–winner and “troubadour extraordinaire” (according to Parents’ Choice) Bill Harley is a prolific author and recording artist. Using song and story to paint a vibrant and hilarious picture of growing up, school, and family life, Bill’s work spans the generation gap with collections such as Monsters in the Bathroom, 50 Ways to Fool Your Mother, and Dad Threw the TV Out the Window, to name a few. Heartfelt and witty, Bill’s tales engage kids like no other and send adults on a trip down their own past. Are these stories true? Bill says, “The more I tell them, the truer they get.”

Also, if you are looking for more free music programs around LA, check out live Jazz on Friday’s at 6 pm and live Latin on Saturday’s at 5 pm at LACMA. Just bring your picnic dinner and enjoy!


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