Family Supper at Cecconi’s


Last night we had a FABULOUS night at Cecconi’s for their Sunday Family Supper. From 4 pm to 7 pm on Sunday’s, for $50 for 4 people (kids included) you get the following:


For $12.50 you can keep adding people and you can have a maximum of 8 people. We went with our friends Kristy and Mike and their son Griffin. Our friends Tricia and Jeff were also there with their 3 kids. In one section of the restaurant there are two stations of arts and crafts and two ‘sitters’ who will watch and read to your child while you wine and dine! (But we always kept an eye on Nathan anyway) There is also a fabulous magician named Nathan that entertains the kids while taking breaking to come to your table. You might have seen him at the Magic Castle as well, but he is really amazing with the kids (which is what it’s all about)!

Only hiccup (to me) are they don’t make ANY modifications on the menu-hence they wouldn’t remove the chili from the Orecheitte, and there isn’t a changing table in the bathroom for the little ones. But all in all, a great meal, wonderful atmosphere and family fun for all! Oh, and $10 valet parking!



  1. Kristy Hatton says:

    And spicy salami on the pizza! Not a super kid-friendly menu, but still a good time had by all!

  2. Danielle Hopkins says:

    Great to know! I love Cecconi’s, and pasta on Sundays!

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