Mo Chica (Downtown)

mo chica

Over the weekend we had an amazing dinner at Mo Chica  downtown. For a group of 4 of us we ordered a ton (I thought) and every bite was more and more flavorful. The restaurant was right on 7th and Grand (next to Bottega Louie), high ceilings and only a few tables. You definitely need a reservation. The service was great and the cocktails were strong! Here is what we ordered (and loved):

  • BETERRAGA Roasted beet salad, burrata, candied corn, orange aji amarillo dressin
  • CAUSA DE CANGREJO  Aji amarillo mashed potatoes, fresh crab, avocado
  • ARROZ CON MARISCOS  Peruvian seafood paella, salsa criolla
  • ARROZ CON POLLO Chicken, cilantro rice, salsa criolla
  • QUINOTTO  Quinoa risotto, wild mushrooms, parmesan, parsley infused oil
  • TALLARINES VERDES CON CAMARONES  Grilled black tiger prawns, tagliatelle, peanuts, Peruvian black mint pesto
  • LOMO SALTADO  Sautéed beef filet, roma tomatoes, red onions, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, banyuls vinegar, Kennebec fries

There was literally NOTHING we didn’t like.


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