Next Door by Josie

All I’ve heard about is Josie this, Josie that for a special occasion restaurant. And although the menu looks good to me, husband isn’t the most adventurous diner. So when we didn’t have plans on a random Friday night and were looking for somewhere to go that he would think was ‘casual’ Next Door by Josie came to mind. I called ahead to put my name on the list and we walked right in.

We sat at a high top table (not my first choice but who cares) and it was super casual (to me) with TV’s playing the sports games, great bar, high ceilings and it was packed. Our waiter was super slow but I didn’t care…the only place I had to go to was my bed to catch up on Breaking Bad.

next door

We started with the wedge of wild mushroom quiche, mixed greens and the ‘remi’ goat cheese and tomato brûlée. Both were fabulous but the cheese was my favorite.  Then I ordered the prime dry-aged beef burger on bun #4, cheddar cheese, house-made thousand island and David had the grilled scottish salmon, quinoa and citrus salad, crushed hazelnuts. My burger was juicy deliciousness and David’s was good (but he thought the portion was a bit small).

Loved it.


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