The Hart and The Hunter

I’m blowing through my friend Jason Shepps restaurant list of places he’s dying to try that I coaxed him into sharing with me, texting him at every joint just to mess with him…but also because he loves food as much as I do and does so way more than my husband does. And The Hart and The Hunter, in the Palihotel on Melrose and Hayworth did not disappoint. Thanks Jason! (also on his list were recently blogged about  Next Door by Josie, Mo Chica, etc).

When you have to wait for your table, the tiny bar they escort you to is a little odd and creepy, so we moved into the lobby of the hotel which was much better. I also lost my voice with the level of noise inside the restaurant, but on a Thursday night at 8 pm it was packed and with no reservations it was not that big of a deal to wait for 25 minutes. And with the recent write up in the LA Times…that also didn’t surprise me it was so crowded (just like the huge boost it gave Hinoki & The Bird).

I have to say, for 2 people we over ordered and shared the follwoing: kale salad (bottom left), the biscuits, of course! (bottom), a mushroom spread (served by the nicest but funky manager), we split the hanger steak with polenta and mushrooms (top left), had a side of brussel sprouts with bacon (top right), one glass of wine and it was $35 each!

hart and hunter


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