Laurel Hardware

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of dining out with our friends the Woodses at Laurel Hardware. It’s on Santa Monica Blvd and Laurel in an old hardware store (they kept the neon sign) and if you were walking by at 8 pm on a Friday/Saturday night you wouldn’t see much happening in the front dining room (and would possibly keep walking by). But as they say, business in the front and party in the back; and this was most certainly true.

When we first walked up, I said to our friends “I’m so sorry this place is empty, I thought it was a hot spot!”. Low and behold, behind the open kitchen was a bevy of beauties (and I mean both guys and girls).   It was a sexy, hip and open space with several deep booths, an enormous open bar, inside lounge chairs, an incredible patio lined with olive trees, gorgeous wood floors from the Coney Island boardwalk.   I stood corrected.  The chef, Mario Alberto, who cooked at Lazy Ox, Mo-Chica and Freddy Smalls changes the menu daily based on seasonal and farmer’s market selections.

We had the following for dinner (4 of us): two orders of the fried cauliflower with currants/clementines/pine nuts (upper right) because it was to die for! We also started with the chicken wings with passion fruit/miso/sesame (second row left) which wasn’t my cup of tea in general but they were gone. Also for a starter we had the beets with gorgonzola/kumquats/cumin honey (bottom right) which was so good. I’m not a gorg lover but this was creamy cheese that melted in your mouth.  And of course their french fries (no pictures as they disappeared in 90 seconds) For our entrees we had the roast jidori chicken with kidney beans/leon chorizo/collards (top middle) which was sous vide and super moist. The sea beam (almost like a red snapper) over lentils and a romanesco sauce (middle), the top sirloin smoked tomato/brocollini/baby turnip (middle row right) and the niman ranch burger raclette cheese/fries/peppercorn aioli (bottom left).

Another winner! (side bar-it was a little bit loud…and def ask for a booth if you there are 4 of you.)

laurel hardware


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